Om Shanti
Om Shanti
कम बोलो, धीरे बोलो, मीठा बोलो            सोच के बोलो, समझ के बोलो, सत्य बोलो            स्वमान में रहो, सम्मान दो             निमित्त बनो, निर्मान बनो, निर्मल बोलो             निराकारी, निर्विकारी, निरहंकारी बनो      शुभ सोचो, शुभ बोलो, शुभ करो, शुभ संकल्प रखो          न दुःख दो , न दुःख लो          शुक्रिया बाबा शुक्रिया, आपका लाख लाख पद्मगुना शुक्रिया !!! 

Dadi Janki – GCH – 18th September 2012 Don’t Say: “How”, Say: “Now”

Dadi Janki – GCH – 18th September 2012
Don’t Say: “How”, Say: “Now”
There is so much difference between the words, “how” and “now”.  With “now” the path becomes clear and time is used in a worthwhile way, and in “how” time is wasted.  When we say now, faith and trust increase and we receive co-operation.  Always be ready and prepared.
Have we created an angelic stage in the world? Whilst still in the body, the soul should be beyond the awareness of the body, with Baba.  Have the understanding of who am I and who do I belong to, and of how I am playing my part on the world drama stage in this awareness.  Remember the home together with having remembrance of the Father.  Service happens by itself.  We are going home.  It is difficult to say in words what we are doing here.  Everyone is doing Baba’s task.  The home is our lovely home and is the land of peace and we will reach there according to the time.  The task of establishment and destruction will also happen.  Baba is playing His part in the task of establishment and those who are to prepare for destruction are making their preparations.  Even if we were to tell people to disarm and not to make bombs, it would not stop.
There is no sakar murli in which Baba has not spoken about remembrance and the destruction of the vices.  So remember the Cycle and the Tree and ask yourself if you have really explained these two pictures well and thoroughly. In the History Hall there are the big pictures of the Cycle and the Tree and the picture of the Tree is from sakar Baba days.  He had it made when he was present and he would tell us to go and sit in front of the picture of the Tree.   We didn’t have that custom of sitting together in yoga for amrit vela but at the beginning we used to rise at 4am and we would see Baba and Mama in yoga and Baba instilled the habit in us of sitting in front of the Cycle and the Tree and then when we went to our various centres we would have pictures of the Cycle and the Tree and we would sit in front of those pictures.
In the picture of the Tree Baba is sitting in tapasya at the bottom and at the top he is standing as an angel.  Baba has been around the entire Tree.  Baba’s children are sitting in the roots and so the foundation of the deity religion is very, very strong.  The kingdom is being established and we are sitting in tapasya.  We are Raja Yogis. We are Brahmins and so our food and drink, our thoughts and our interactions have all become pure - not ordinary.   The Brahmin way of life is one of action without bondage.  Previously we did very little but thought a lot and now there is much more activity and we think very little or not at all.
Dependency makes us weak in a subtle way.  Even for someone to give me a glass of water can be a dependency. We should not be dependent on anyone. Baba sees that the child has courage and gives His co-operation at the right time.  Otherwise there will be some dependency.  When there is no dependency, time is saved and there is that faith and trust that whatever has to happen will happen and that it is not necessarily one particular person who can do this task – anyone can. 
When possible, meditate in the gathering together. Sit quietly and meditate.  The relationship of the child and the Father and the Husband and wife is always there; there is this innate awareness so that you don’t have to remember these relationships again and again.  We know that we are Shiv Baba’s and that He is ours.  This awareness is so firm that even if you were to leave the body, this relationship is guaranteed. That One is imperishable and the happiness He gives is also imperishable. Happiness is on the basis of understanding.  He gives us His co-operation and makes us independent. 
He is incorporeal and, when Baba was sakar, he was always in the bodiless stage - his incorporeal stage was visible and he taught us through his example.  We were with the physical Baba and he was teaching us how to keep a relationship with Shiv Baba and perform actions whilst maintaining the awareness of Shiv Baba.  Are you remembering Shiv Baba or your children or grandchildren?  Check this. In physical relationships, there is no attainment, there is a feeling of sorrow but the relationship we have with Shiv Baba is eternal. 
While performing actions, wherever we are in the world, we are happy. It is not the happiness of having possessions, money and position.  Always maintain the awareness that you are a fortunate soul.  Remember this any time any situation arises. Recently Dadi Gulzar was sharing how without this intoxication we would not be able to stay here or there in the world. 
Who are we all?  We sit here together and we had no understanding before.  Either we were attached somewhere or we were stumbling somewhere.  Now we free others from their stumbling.  Those who stumble should see us and be saved the way we were saved.  Be the guide that shows others the right road.  A stumbling soul should move in the right direction or they would need to catch hold of the stick for the blind, that is, Baba and Baba’s children, and start to move in the right way.  A blind person would carry a white cane and if they didn’t, how would they manage? Due to the white cane they move along in the right way.  If they receive company to show them how to move ahead then they would say thank you to Baba.  Om shanti

Dadi Janki - Q&A – 17.9.12 – GCH (evening)
Know yourself and understand Baba is doing it all...
Q: Dadi, most of us do our best to meditate.  We understand there is a great deal of benefit and yet many of us find it difficult to meditate as many other things come in our mind.  Can you give us simple steps to take us into an experience, so our yoga can become easy?
Yoga is not a mantra, or a matter of chanting or doing hatha yoga but simply it is to be a peaceful soul - Om Shanti – with the remembrance of Baba and the awareness that we now have to return Home. By saying ‘om shanti’ Baba comes in front and I  see that I, the soul, am by myself with Baba and I become lost in the yoga connection, feeling light and receiving might.  Yoga is going within. I am a soul. Though my eyes are open they are not seeing the body or things around me. When I think ‘mine’ is the Supreme Soul, I go beyond the awareness of the body and become His beloved. It is a simple exercise – just a matter of letting go of thinking and worrying too much. It is great: I belong to Baba with nothing to worry about.  Sit, connect and attain from Baba.  We are drawn to wherever there is attainment and with Baba there is the attainment of purity, peace, love, happiness and power.  With this there is no space for unnecessary thinking. 
Q: Dadi, you talk easily about God and your relationship with Him.  Yet the majority of belief systems say He is ‘unknowable’ and ‘beyond comprehension’. How can we truly know and have a relationship with Him?
Human beings, whether a young child or an elderly person, want to learn and know things - the curiosity is always there – and the desire to know God is very good.  Someone said today that for 20 years she had been searching for God and she feels now she has found God and it is possible to meet God.  Is it really that easy to meet God?  The desire within us to meet God is very pure.   What does the world have to offer?  It is temporary and will not be here tomorrow. Some recently said that God cannot be known and seen with the eyes. When we look within and use the inner ‘eye’, we can know Him.  Baba says: Be introverted so then the ‘I’ within can see – and we lose interest in the things of the world. God is very subtle, extremely subtle.  When we go deep within, we realise that God is the Living Seed, the Being of Truth and that Being of Truth entered the body of Brahma. Brahma had the experience of Him and we have this experience through Brahma.  When we have the desire to know God there is the pull towards God.  When we listen to the things of God, we start to experience Him.  The Supreme Soul is your Mother, Father, Teacher and Satguru.
Q: Being introverted and subtle are the efforts we are making now but what is God doing now that is different?  The world drama has been going for years but what is God doing now that makes our connection easier and more effective?
We are now witnessing how He is finding His children.  We all have had an experience of God, whether we have been with Baba 1 day, 5 years or 75 years.  To experience this there has to be a deep love within to want to experience God. Just as human beings engage themselves in earning an income and take the opportunity to do so whenever they can. For us this time of the Confluence Age is very short and, when we receive God’s introduction, we realise the importance of this time.  We recognise God, self and time and therefore we value all three.  By knowing God we have come to realise the value of the time of this Confluence Age.  We have realised too that we are not ordinary souls: we are not jailbirds or birds in a cage.  I am a bird that can live in the palace of peace.  What is in jail? One who has to do everything according to what they are told to do.  We are making the world do what we want them to do.  The way Baba makes us move is the way we want the world to move.
Q: Is Baba doing anything practically to manifest this all?
Has God freed you from the jail that you were in before?  The mind and senses are now under our control.  Before they were out of control and we would do what both dictated.  Whether defeat or victory, respect or defamation, we are stable.  Before the mothers would cry and the brothers would make them cry!  The mothers and sisters are empowered by Baba and Baba teaches the brothers to give regard.  The sisters have learned to stay in self respect and become instruments to bring many others. So many of you are within families.  Look at the Godly family here and see how we are so happy together. This is such a lovely life and how everyone’s life could be.  Everyone in the world could be inspired to have this kind of life! 
Q: There are a huge number of people practising meditation and leading a spiritual life.  Yet sometimes there is the feeling of no progress, of not moving forward or experiencing healing?  Are we forgetting to do something
There is laziness, idleness.  This is the time to make good progress, so why are you sleeping?  Come out of sleep. Baba Himself is with us and, although avyakt, we see he is giving us so much.  Many have this experience.  Especially at Amrit Vela, Baba is constantly present and available for the children.  We need to be determined to let go of the 5 vices of lust, anger, attachment, greed, ego and also jealousy.  The first enemy is lust and then anger.  If we get angry once and speak in an angry tone, we lose our respect.  So pay attention to your words so that you speak in a sweet way.  Let go of ego and have realisation.  The subtle jealousy with others doesn’t help either.  With jealousy a force develops within; this brings idleness, as there is no feeling of attainment. Then come excuses.  Attachment also works subtly.  Free yourself from jealousy because, as we perform more good actions, Baba will be pleased with us.  We have all done good service and so we receive good blessings.  We have stayed in Baba’s remembrance and this power enables us to move forward.  Dadi has never stopped doing service and even in the middle of the night, Dadi would be prepared if necessary.  Service is through words and actions and also through the mind.  Keep your mind pure and peaceful so that you can serve.  There is such service in keeping the mind pure and peaceful and at a distance people will receive good vibrations from you and you will receive blessings.  As we serve really well, we receive power.  Dadi receives happiness, not tiredness.  Service and remembrance go hand in hand.   Those who have the love and interest in study will be pulled - the soul will not want to miss the study.  Some feel that if they die it must be in Baba’s remembrance and no matter what happens they want to be in the atmosphere of Baba’s house.
Q: We have a programme soon for people with cancer.  What guidance and support would you give someone who has a terminal disease with a short time to live? What advice would you give to the close carers of that person?
Dadi would not give advice with words but with godly love would convey the feeling that you will be OK, so don’t worry. Illness is created through worry and with worry and makes us worry even more!  Those who look after an ill person also become worried.  Although someone may have not understood knowledge, when we speak words with love that will comfort their heart and they will feel peace.  Dadi has noticed that practically when people have received Baba’s introduction people still experience sickness because the reason for sickness is our own karma.  Baba cures the reason for the sickness.  People find that Baba enables them to understand their sickness and actions and experience pure feelings and this allows the sickness to go.  The pain and suffering of the sickness disappears.  We can draw power from Baba and feel much better.
Q: What advice would Dadi give us in dealing with the ordeals of the coming times: the upheavals, obstacles and personal challenges?   Many people don’t have a deep spiritual philosophy as a safeguard so what advice would Dadi give to souls of the world at the moment?
This is why Baba’s direction is for us to serve.  Service has increased so much so we can help in this way.  Through our company or listening a little people receive something.  Through our experience their experience increases.  So for BK’s there should be even greater interest to serve and we should not be under any old influence, of nature, sanskars or other people.  Then the original interest we had for our own progress is stoked.  Don’t let this diminish because of being sensitive, for then the service you could do you are not able to do.  Dadi has a connection with everyone in the foreign lands and Bharat.  Dadi does not feel hatred for anyone, nor does she feel influenced by anyone because they are very good.  The mind and intellect has to be free to serve and remember.  There is then remembrance in service and vice versa – both are together so there is no mixture of one’s own desire or attachment. This is how others receive Baba’s introduction.  Do lokik work, because you will serve those you work with.  Our life is for Baba and Baba sees that now this child is obedient and follows His directions accurately. The expansion in service happens through such instruments.  Let people have the company of those who serve in this way. Let those you work with receive benefit through you. When our faces sparkle, this will do service.  Day by day more service is happening.
Q: If you were to leave the body, what is your thought for the world?  If God were to allow you a few moments to speak to the world now before you leave, what 3 things would you say?
This is the first time that God has said to me: Don’t leave the body!  One’s stage should be angelic, so that no matter where anyone is they will experience and then see what happens according to drama.  There have been many great souls in recent history yet they were not able to do the job of transforming the world or make human beings realise what human life could be.  So Dadi feels that she is in the body to inspire people as to how life can be, how human beings can be.  Know yourself.  This message is reaching far and wide.  People will awaken through this message. Death is in front of us and, if we don’t speak so clearly, we need to understand what we would do in the face of death. This message has to reach everyone via the media, so that no one is left without this message.  This is the time to transform the world.  As we transform, the world will transform. It is not just a message but an experience.  I am seeing it and everyone else is too.  This deep desire to change will invoke the power of truth. 
If we become get heavy, how can we become light in that moment?  Any thought that brings heaviness will make the voice and face heavy and there will be heaviness in relationship.  So become light in a second: the soul is separate from the body; Baba is responsible; I don’t know how it happens but Baba makes it happen.  This experience of lightness makes the impossible become possible and Baba makes it happen.  And the message for the whole world… my feeling since I came to Baba is that everyone should appreciate and realise what Baba is saying. So Dadi’s thought is for everyone to become light, realising that Baba is doing it all, and we have to just remember Him and be souls detached from the body.   In a second become light and be prepared to leave the body. 
Someone who wants to become an angel will feel they are detached from the body and loved by God, and that each one’s part is unique and keep moving along, staying above.

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